MIOT started out in 1999 as a 70- bed hospital with full time doctors who were completely focused on orthopedics and traumatology. Today, MIOT is able to deliver collective, multi-specialty care.


Company: MIOT (Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology)
Industry: Healthcare

Technologies Used:

Leap Motion

Gesture Recognition

Educating the common people and spreading awareness about liver and its diseases in a real-time immersive presentation.

Our Proposed Solution

One of the concerns of the medical staff at MIOT International is the alarming rate at which liver diseases are growing in India today and the people who are being affected by the disease are of a younger age group. In addition, MIOT International wanted to do an awareness campaign for growing liver related diseases.


To address their concerns, Augmentron stepped in and proposed to create app on top of experiential technologies that will allow the common people to explore information about the liver in an interactive manner using the power of gesture recognition.

The application covered the following points:

A healthy liver and its functions in 3D view

Major causes of liver damage

Various stages of liver damage in 3D (Stage 1 to 5)

Best practices to maintain a healthy liver

Campaign Showcase & Response

The liver campaign by MIOT International was a big hit as the audience of 500 people was completely engaged during the 8-hour long event. People interacted with the application and understood the major causes of liver damage and best practices to maintain the health of the liver.


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