What We Do

Whatever we do, we are at our passionate best. We deliver world class experience in the arena of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We're on a mission to integrate computer generated images within the real world.


How We Work

We work for you and with you. We include you in every step of our process to ensure that you receive sublime user experience in the virtual world.

We strive to transform knowledge and learning to make it more interactive and interesting through virtual and augmented reality.

Web Virtual Reality & Virtual Tour Apps

Virtual Reality industry is growing at rapid speed and we are into developing the most Unique, futuristic applications for this Industry.

We are thriving towards solving the problems of current users in VR are facing. Web VR has no installation, no submission to app store, occupies no storage in your device, Just Click the link to experience the VIRTUAL WORLD in any web enable platform – as simple as that.

Our research and process of taking VR to the next level lead us to development of exclusive web app where you can generate your own VR content and it will be available in just a click of a link on all platforms such as Android,iOS,Mac,Windows and supports all touch and web enabled Devices.

Augmented Reality Apps

We augment and transform reality by overlaying it with digital information. 

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology enriching the real world with digital information and media, such as 3D models and videos, overlaying in real-time camera view of your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Whether you want to place a building on top of a table, zoom in or out of the augmented image or interact and experience the animated parts of the building through AR, we make that experience more real than ever.

We can create anything with AR. Be it flying cars, floating clouds, a giant bird, or dinosaurs! With AR, we can make the surrounding real world of the user interactive and digitally manipulable.

Virtual Reality Apps

We take you to another world in our virtual reality applications. In VR, we change your perception of reality in a fully immersive experience.

With virtual reality, we help you to artificially experience sensory experiences, which can include sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and much more. Our vision is to take VR technology beyond the gaming and industrial sectors and help it become a part of daily human lives.

We develop virtual reality apps on top of technologies like: Oculus Rift | Durovis Dive | Kinect | Leap Motion

Gesture Recognition Apps

We help you feel the elements of the virtual world through our gesture recognition apps.

Gesture recognition technology helps the machine understand and interpret meaningful movements of the hands, arms, face, and eyes. It is the natural way of human-machine interaction.

We employ computer vision algorithms and gesture recognition techniques to develop a low cost interface for interacting with objects in the virtual environment.

With our applications, we make it possible for the user to move, rotate and create objects simply by moving and rotating his hand – all without help of any input device other than his gestures.

360° Video Tours

We shoot 360° video tours for comprehensive all-round view of any space.

We specialize in developing 360° video tours for information, education and training purposes. The tour consists of 360° panoramas, tour templates, and various tour components like hotspots, radars and Google/Bing maps.

Our virtual reality apps can power virtual walkthroughs for a home that you want to purchase, without having to visit the place in person.