How We Work

We work for you and with you. We include you in every step of our process to ensure that you receive sublime user experience in the virtual world.

Our Process Roadmap

Our sessions, from inception to completion, combine rigorous brainstorming sessions, research, strategizing skills, and technical skills to bring you the best of the virtual experience.


We understand the efforts that you put in to build your business. This is why we take our time to research what you are all about. We look closely at your goals, your target audience, and your competitors. We let your intentions create the framework for ours.


Once armed with knowledge of your business, we proceed to the design and development of your personalized virtual and augmented reality based mobile application.

Our experts in user experience complete the visual/creative design, thus, providing a blueprint of the planned functionality and user experiences. Strategizing is the stage where we conceptualize, outline, and wireframe the functionality and look of your virtual mobile application.

Strategizing or brainstorming gives us an opportunity to blueprint the format and functionality of the new virtual application website.


Our in-house team ensures to make each experience deliverable at personal and professional levels. With the implementation of the latest technology in AR and VR, we create experiences that immerse and engage users in unparalleled branded environments.

Oculus Rift, gesture sensors, and LEAP-controlled robotics are some of the few services that we customize for brand activation.


Our immersive technology lab enables us to test and verify often with our clients, prior to application. Our team ensures that the physical integrity of every experience is equal to the quality of our custom software.


This is the phase of wherein additional testing of the newly created applications is conducted for the purpose of quality assurance. We perform in-depth testing of our mobile applications to assure that every feature works perfectly before launch.


When its time for the exciting launch, we share our new innovation, inspired by you, with the world and start collecting feedback. Our technology team ensures seamless implementation of uninterrupted user experience in the virtual world.