The Durovis Dive is a smartphone powered virtual reality device that allows a user to delve deep into a three dimensional world. As it runs on a smartphone, it makes the Dive inexpensive device for wireless gaming and streaming movies.

The Durovis Dive Headset is made from steadfast flexible nylon plastic, which makes it almost weightless and comfortable. The device has a rugged nylon viewer for mobile devices featuring two adjustable lenses that project an image of the virtual scene into each eye.

With the use of the lenses, a user can experience a stereoscopic view of 85°. The head tracking runs at about 100 to 250 Hz and all computing work is done by the Smartphone.

Apart from its affordability in comparison to other virtual reality devices, what makes Durovis Dive awesome is the fact that it is a wireless device. The unique Durovis Dive tracking technology offers brilliant low-latency quality and a fully immersive experience.

There are several Dive-ready apps in Google Play and the iTunes store already and more are coming up every day on the Dive Launcher that are offered for free download.