Over three decades, Maruti Suzuki has delivered an unparalleled production of 1.5 million cars every year. Maruti Suzuki believes not only in making a mark, but also in producing revolutionary cars of great performance, efficiency, and eco-friendliness while keeping affordability in mind.


Company: Maruti
Industry: Automobile

Technology Used:

Augmented Reality

Mobile Platform

Presenting Maruti’s targeted audience with a feel-and-view, 3D experience of the new Maruti Ciaz via its newspaper advertisements.

Our Proposed Solution

Augmentron developed an easy-to-use Augmented Reality application for tablets which generated an augmented 3D model of the Maruti Ciaz by scanning its newspaper advertisements.


Users had the option to alter the color of the car, analyze its interiors, watch the car’s video commercial, and also book a test drive from the mobile application. This made it convenient for the customers to preview the car at their own convenience without having to visit the physical showroom.

Check Out the App In Action